We eagerly work to create a safe environment where youth can learn to make wise choices and develop healthy patterns for living.  Through our outreach process, youth will learn how to overcome life's obstacles in managing hurts, hang-ups, and habits through insights on how to follow God's path to greater freedom.  

Key to hurts, habits, hang-ups


We exist for youth to find a path towards healing with tools to assist in managing current and future habits, hang-ups, and hurts - as well as addictions.  In our outreach process, we aim to keep the faith of Jesus Christ at the center of all we do.  

Community loves no matter what


What is shared in the group stays in the group.  Parents will not be notified of what a youth shares unless leaders determine the youth is in danger of hurting him or herself or someone else.  


Adults, including parents of youth, who are not part of the community and team are not allowed to attend the meetings.  This helps foster a safe place for youth to talk openly and honestly about their struggles.  


Parents are encouraged to attend other outreach programs, such as a Celebrate Recovery, to learn more about our curriculum process to aid in the family growing together.  


Parents are welcome to attend Celebrate Recovery at our connected church, Grace Community Church.  

Moving forward in life past the glass ceiling


Our outreach process is designed for open enrollment to allow youth to enter at any time with no restrictions.  The purpose of this is to allow youth in need to have immediate assistance with any issues that may occur.  

Being connected is the key