Connecting with YOU...









Our process assists youth to understand the risks and pressures of everyday life, manage current childhood experiences, and provide positive coping skills to be a success for the challenges our youth face.   

We also provide Biblical principles that support a positive change to their mind, body, and spirit.  

We provide opportunities for youth to share their experience as a means to connect and help others in the group.  We encourage youth to see that there is a more positive  way to deal with life's hurts, hang-ups, and habits.  

Our community provides both large group sessions and same gender team-lead small groups to connect with youth during our session times.


Group interventions are available should we see youth moving towards actions that would endanger their lives or the lives of others.  

Youth are allowed to enter into our process at any time so there is no delay in the support and learning they need.  This allows those who are farther along in the healing process to come back and share their experiences.  Our process then guarantees an endless support group that grows with the changing times.  

Our vision for the future is to provide a facility that will create a temporary safe haven  that will allow youth to be removed from a negative environment if that hinders a youth's healing.

As a community, we envision our outreach process to be a resource in the community that will  touch the youth, families, and our community.  This will allow us to reach any youth who may be presently 

challenged in their journey with life.  

As our outreach grows, it is our desire to facilitate a youth outreach summer camp for all those who are or have gone through the program.  

Our growth solely relies on youth who have progressed through our outreach process.  

We will work to ensure our youth has a voice to share about the positive changes that have been made in their lives.  

Our passion is to provide 180 Youth Outreach programs to communities where youth are in crisis with limited to no resources available.  We would love to speak with your community leaders to begin one today. If interested, contact one of our Board Members.