• Bryon Ownby

What Is Freedom?

Finding life

Many of us, whether we want to admit it or not, have experienced some type of habit, hurt, or hang-up. What we fail to understand is the power of love that is needed to over come them. Love does truly conquer all things. Love from family, love from peers, love from a support team. However, the greatest love, is the love of Christ. The biggest challenge becomes understanding how faith, hope, and love comes into place to overcome these challenges.

FAITH is believing that something will happen. Faith is a struggle. Faith sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of life. Faith is believing in something not yet seen. Faith in finding freedom is understanding that the love of Christ is going to allow you to overcome your hurts, habits, or hang-ups.

HOPE is wanting that freedom in our lives that we need from those things that hold us back in functioning properly in our everyday lives. Hope cannot happen without understanding the love of what Jesus Christ may bring into our situation. Every situation is different for everyone. There are commonalities we all have. Finding the right hope again to walk out of our challenges will bring us our greatest freedom.

LOVE is the greatest asset that is needed to overcome life's struggles and challenges. Many failed to realize that most of the time this has been what we were seeking all along. Love is what we are seeking to find. Love is our desire. Love is what we have lacked in our lives - whether that was never fulfilled by family, friends, significant others, or community.

In finding freedom, love is the greatest of these. Love when we are at our worst. Love when we do get things right in our lives. Love when others hurts us. Love when others disappoint us. Love when you have had a bad day. The good thing about finding freedom through Jesus Christ, our creator is able to provide that love when others don't. There is hope to being loved again, and there is faith that love is possible.

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