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Religion vs. Relationship


Many of us as teens and adults were raised in church. Most of those were taught to observe religion. Religion is defined by the observance of practices and behaviors. From this, we have programmed ourselves to carry out certain actions and behaviors within a certain community to be accepted. This gives a person the cause to hide your true self and be something you are not.

A relationship, however, is a way to be connected. A personal walk that allows one to be themselves and not put on a show. A relationship with God is the most empowering relationship one can create. A connection with your Creator where you know you are loved and accepted frees you from the bonds of being and acting a certain way. In this relationship one will experience conviction of what's not right in your life, and if you are willing, the strength to overcome it. You will also experience the ultimate acceptance and favor when walking in your calling and being the way God intended. So I urge each person to seek this relationship with the One who made you because He is the only one that fully understands you and can help you move from bondage to freedom. This will be the first day of the rest of your life!

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