• Bryon Ownby

What Defines My Life?

Pain comes from not recognizing our purpose is greater than the circumstances that we face. Whether it is neglect, abandonment, or other emotional pain we face, we sometimes loose the focus on why we exist. Is it to go through the abuse of others? Is it to live out our lives for them? What is purpose? Purpose may be defined by what guides our life's decisions, influence behaviors, defines our goals, or creates meaning for us. This may be in what we do with our lives be it in a vocation or career or life is about the responsibilities for those around us. The bigger question for purpose though, comes form what are our dreams, what are our passions, what really fulfills us in life? Once that is defined, making connections become the next step in defining what our lives are about.

Once we establish our purpose, understand our challenges, are able to see our obstacles, connecting to haters is crucial for our success (not to mention their success). However, one additional connection is crucial in all of this. That is tuning into accepting Jesus Christ as a higher power to help orchestrate these things in our lives. Connection means to establish a communication or relationship with others. In this area, we begin to share our hearts, emotions, and feelings and are strengthen by the love of others. When we share this with Christ, we unleash even a greater power in our lives as he is always in tune for us to carry out the purpose that has been established for our lives.

Once purpose and connection are established, we are then on the road to finding freedom from the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that may hold us back. Having a community around us, like we have established here and for the connections needed in our lives, these will keep us on target in how to let go of the hurts and pains that hold us back. It is these fears that keep us away from accomplishing our purpose in life. We have a choice, continue to live in the pain, or begin making steps towards freedom. Which will be your choice today?

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