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180 Youth Outreach is a public charity supported by group of volunteers who desire to assist any teenager who may have any type of habit, hurt, or hang-up that creates a stumbling block in reaching his or her potential.  Through focusing on God, fellowship with other teenagers, and forming support groups, we are able to help each teen land on solid ground. This outreach program is about positive growth through relationships and community.  Here at 180, we strive to utilize those who have had real life experiences and who are connected first hand in our community.  Our own life experiences, knowledge, and with the help of Jesus Christ intersect in our outreach programs to better the lives of at-risk youth in our area.  We require all of our Leadership Team to have experienced some type of recovery program such as Celebrate Recovery or have obtained extensive working knowledge of the recovery process.  Background checks are required for any volunteer and leader that will be interacting with youth in our program.  Feel free to contact any of our team members to know if 180 Youth Outreach is right for you.

Leadership Team


President, Board of Directors

As a honorable discharged US Army Veteran, business owner, and with 27 years in the transportation industry, Richard enjoys working will people from all walks of life.  Born and raised in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains, he now calls Dandridge, TN his home.  He has two daughters and one son with many grandkids. Today, he enjoys first serving the Lord, followed by fishing, hiking, boating, motorcycles, and working with youth.


"I grew up in a dysfunctional family with an abusive alcoholic step dad who mentally and physically abused us.  We lost my twin brother to drugs and alcohol on our 18th birthday.  I carried bad coping skills well into the later years of my adulthood life.  After finding God and learning positive coping skills with the support of the Celebrate Recovery 12 step program, I am now making healthier choices.  As a father, I am now learning how to deal with a son and daughter who struggle with peer pressure, bullying, and self-esteem challenges.  Because of passing on my bad habits and those in my family to my children, I found my son dealing with bullying and other issues.  This caused him to harm himself in ways that were not healthy.  In seeking help for him, I soon realized that programs to help youth are not readily available in our area that help youth make better decisions and instill the coping skills they need for life."

God placed this outreach ministry on his heart that uses his past experiences as a way to help youth learn better methods to deal with any hurt, habit, or hang-ups they may have.  It has been through God and positive relationships that has allowed him to form this outreach ministry based on Christian principles (the Beatitudes) that will take back our youth and allow them to live a prosperous life God intended for them to have.  


Treasurer, Board of Directors

A diverse background in retail management, audio industry, and construction, DJ provides a unique skillset that reaches and connects our youth to make more informed choices in life.  Being born in Knoxville, and family moving to Jefferson County, he enjoyed actives such as baseball and singing in show choir.  For several years, he was part of his family traveling music ministry as a child.  Today, he enjoys anything music related, movies, camping, and family outings.  

"I have been to many places and am always grateful to call East Tennessee home.  I have one brother Travis and one sister Alisha.  It is a privilege to have married the love of my life Rachel.  I have two daughters Hannah and Hadlee.  As a teenager, I suffered great loss and rejection.  I did not have coping skills and made a lot of bad choices.  My hope is that being a part of 180 Youth Outreach I can share healthy coping skills with youth.  I am glad to be part of a program to equip them to make better choices and not be weighed down by all the extra baggage like I carried for so many years from my youth."

The 180 Youth Outreach has been an instrumental part of DJ's life in giving back to our youth.  He enjoys seeing youth accomplish their dreams no matter what obstacles or hurdles they have to overcome.  

DJ hold an A.A. in Audio Recording from SAE Institute from Nashville, Tennessee. 

Advisory Team
Volunteer Team
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  • Rachel Moody

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